Rates & Up Coming Groups

Fees for Service

Insurance Accepted: Pacific Source, OHP, Providence,  Military One, Value Options and Trillium.

Adults: $150.00 hour session.

Children/Adolescence:  $150.00

Families/Couples:  $150.00

Seniors Sliding scale.

Cleint's with no insurance sliding scale from $65.00 - $150.00 an hour.

Coming soon

Co-Parenting Solutions Workshop:  6- week co-parenting workshop $85.00 singles, couples $150.00. Dates: TBD from 6:30- 8:00 pm.

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What is my co-payment for insurance?

   " Each insurance company charges a different co-payment, call your insurance company for the co-payment.

Do you accept insurance from companies not listed on the web-site?

  " Most insurance policies have an out of network benefit, with a higher co-pay.