About Us

P & P Therapeutic Counseling Inc.

    Located  in beautiful majestic downtown Eugene Oregon, steps away from the Hult Center. Located in the historic building.  P & P was founded by a licensed  Marriage and Family therapist  dedicated to empowering clients in healing the pain within their lives. I work from a Christian perspective for client's interested in their faith in God and expanding their spiritual growth.  

Therapeutic Approach

I work with couples with the concept of John Gottman and Couples Power Therapy  that focuses on aiding the couple in building commitment, cooperation, communication and community in their relationships. Let me help you in obtaining the goals you want My approach to therapy is the use of Cognitive Behavior Therapy focusing on the maladaptive thought and behaviors that cause conflicts in the client's life. Encouraging the client to address their thoughts, emotions, nutritional needs, physical health, and relationships with others. This enables the client the environment needed for the growth they desire. This is a collaborative journey in healing and self discovery. I encourage and support my clients while they address their emotions needs, develop goals, and build skills for coping and proactive resolutions regarding their personal or professional struggles. I look forward to collaborating with you


  My experience expands to individuals, couples and families.  It is important to   support  healthy growth and aiding the client in creating the life they expressly want.   Having worked with several non-profit organizations, I have worked successfully in aiding clients in areas such as anxiety, depression, life transitions, post-traumatic stress disorder,  divorce, stress management, anger management, interpersonal relationships and substance recovery.  Through these experience I have acquired the  knowledge and experience in  aiding client with substance abuse and dual diagnosis.   I work with the client to obtain the life and coping skills they would like to achieve to enrich their lives. In addition, I have worked with the Kinship Support Program in California and non-profits in Oregon  providing  services for foster children, children  that have been neglected or abused, family counseling, conflict resolution and helping client's learn healthy tools in their path towards healing.